Dispensing Epoxy & Polyurethane systems for Composite manufacture

The use of 2 or 3 component liquid epoxies or Polyurethanes is relatively small compared to Polyesters and Hybrids resins system. Often their use is an extension to existing Polyester or Hybrid resin production facility, where metering and mixing equipment is known technology. As such there are many metering and mixing machine builders who offer good equipment for handling these.

So why consider ourselves?

The answer is simple. With an Epoxy or Polyurethane the processing requirements and reaction chemistry are different. Our background and expertise is in handling Epoxies and Polyurethane’s, we know how to process them to achieve the best results. Thus our equipment has been purpose designed for handling them, rather than a modified Polyester Machine. Therefore as well as a simple pneumatically powered piston pump machines, where flammability is not an issue, we can offer the benefits of electronically controlled, low pressure gear pump metering technology.

If you want further convincing?

All you need do is cast a flat sheet of epoxy, mixed with a conventional piston pump machine, then do the same with a non pulsing, low pressure gear pump and compare the results.

As well as providing superior mixing characteristics, the electronic control allows a wide range of additional benefits such as…

  • Immediate increase/decrease of dispense rate
  • Closed loop control of metering, with hard copy status report.
  • Controlled flow rates, which can be profiled to suit the application.
  • Dispense rate control from a transducer, monitoring tool back pressure.
  • Programmable shot weights.

These are all ‘Off the shelf’ developed and proven technology.

Our product range:

Where flammability is an issue, making the use of electrical control difficult and/or expensive, we offer:


This is a small and simple pneumatically powered machine, giving up to 1kg./minute output. It uses a pair of single acting piston pumps which are sized to give the precise mix ratio. It can be bench mounted with 5 or 10L. reservoirs and a fixed mixer, alternatively for larger 25L. reservoirs mounted on the floor with hoses to a hand held twin tipseal mixing gun.


This is larger floor mounted version of the 20GM and providing outputs up to 2.5kg./minute. It can be fitted with reservoirs up to 60L. capacity or can be bulk fed directly from 205L. drums.

This 20GMC is used for transfer moulding automotive components. It is fitted with 50L. capacity reservoirs and dispenses through a Calibre twin tip disposable static mixer gun, fitted with manual Solvent/Air flushing valves.

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Simple floor standing unit fitted with a single inverter controlled, geared motor and timing belt drive linking the gear pumps and can provide up to 5kg/minute output.


This MiniCaster is used as a mixing station pouring at up to 2.5L/Min, with the epoxy manually transferred to a tool for moulding propeller blades. The metering pumps are bulk fed, with a disposable static mixing head mounted on a short arm.

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This is a low pressure gear pump machine. Using a single air motor drive, the two metering pumps linked together by timing belt and toothed pulleys, with the pulley teeth combination setting the final mix ratio. It can be fitted with reservoirs up to 35L. capacity or connected to bulk feed. Fitted with a 40 series Calibre twin tip seal mixing gun it can provide steady, continuous output rates up to 5kg./minute.

Where electric drives and control can be used, we offer a range of low pressure gear pump metering and mixing machines, giving steady, continuous and pulsation free output, comprising…


Small, bench mounted low pressure gear pump machine using inverter controlled geared drive motors to drive the metering pumps. Mixing ratio is set using key pads with a separate control for combined output rate. As standard 5L. capacity reservoirs are used, but larger (up to 25L) can be fitted, alternatively it can be coupled to bulk supply. Outputs can range from 10cc’s up to 4.5Kg/minute, dependant on material and ratio.


The MasterCaster can meter 2 or 3 components simultaneously and uses individual invertor or servo controlled drive motors for each metering pump. The drives can be independently adjusted to set the required mix ratio then interlocked through a separate control for combined output rate. This arrangement allows a high degree of flexibility in machine layout and options. For example, the independent drives enables secondary flow monitoring to be fitted, giving a feedback (closed loop) signal to the pump motor to ensure the mix ratio is held within pre-set limits. Also if required the output rate can be programmed, or controlled from an external signal such as an injection pressure transducer.

The MasterCaster can be fitted with simple gravity feed, or vacuum/overpressure reservoirs up to 500L+ capacity, which can be stirred, heated and supplied with level sensing and automatic filling. Alternatively the 40C can be coupled to bulk supply. For mixing there is a choice of disposable or flushable static mixing, through to high shear, dynamic mixing for 3 component high ratio systems. Output rates can range from 3 –5cc’s/per minute up 50L +/minute if required.

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This is a servo controlled MasterCaster used for transfer and vacuum assist moulding automotive components. Both reservoirs are fitted with de-gassing facilities and heating. Output rate can be controlled either manually, or via a transducer which continuously monitors injection pressure and automatically adjusts the dispense rate to suit.

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One of 2 invertor controlled MasterCasters supplied for automatically filling a filament winding baths. The reservoirs are 50L. capacity, heated and fitted with automatic filling from 205L. drums via transfer pumps.

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Small invertor controlled MasterCaster, used for the development of a direct filament tow injection head for epoxies.

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