Gear Pump Machine Range

The gear pump range can be fitted with standard/hardened or precision type gear pumps and all can be used for static, rotary static or dynamic mixing.


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This being a smallest gear pump machine, using a single motor and timing belt drive inside a sheet steel enclosure to house the drive/control and mount the pumps. The 0.37kW drive limits the output to 2L/Min maximum.

Being bench mounted and a timing belt drive, the reservoirs are limited to 25L. capacity gravity feed type or low pressure fed.


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Floor mounting machine with single motor timing belt drives ranging from 0.75kW up to 1.5kW size and giving outputs up to 12L/Min. Reservoir sizes range from 5L. to 50L. capacity or can be coupled to bulk or low pressure fed.

The single motor drive is more reliable for site work and can be driven with an air motor.


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Small (bench mounted) machine using individually driven pumps with the drives interlocked using keypads or a HMI to control mix ratio.

The two 0.37kW drives and control are in a sheet steel enclosure giving up to 5L/Min. MiniRim the reservoirs sizes are restricted up to 25L. capacity, but can be low pressure fed from remote supply.



Multi purpose, pump, floor mounted programmable ratio gear pump machine. with the pumps individually driven and controlled by keypads or a HMI

Al. alloy extrusion machine frame enables us to easily build to suit your specific requirements. MasterCaster comprises two styles the M11 type, where the reservoirs are mounted directly onto metering pumps which simplifies material changeovers and allows higher viscosity materials to be gravity fed rather than over-pressured. However, this limits the reservoir and weight size as it has to be lifted off to service the pump.

Therefore where larger reservoirs are required we mount them behind the cabinet and feed the pumps by interhoses. All reservoirs are made in stainless steel and built to order.

The larger frame allows us to fit a boom mounted electrically driven dynamic mixing head if required and normally we use a simple height adjustable swivel arm type. Alternatively we can fit a hand held trigger controlled gun.