Metering & Dosing for Packaging

In building a range of online metering and mixing machines for reactive multi-component materials, there is a need for precise, accurate metering of the individual components, irrespective of viscosity or back pressure change. To meets these needs we have had to develop a range of single acting, volumetric displacement pumps. With the requirement to reliably meter viscosities ranging from solvent or water through to heavily filled pastes or putties and dependant on viscosity, metered shot sizes ranging from 0.1cc to 1.0L./cycle.

We have taken these proven, metering pump designs to provide a range of individual ‘Stand Alone’ units. Whilst these are extensively used for dosing and packaging resins and hardeners they can be applied to almost any application where precise volumetric metering is required.

Predos 32

Predos 32

This a small metering unit, it uses our ‘Captive’ design pump, this has a wide viscosity acceptance and has given proven metering accuracy over countless millions of cycles. The 32 bore pneumatic drive cylinder is fitted with micrometer controlled stroke adjustment for setting the shot size and flow restrictors to control dispense rate. As standard, two sizes of metering pumps are offered. 16.0 Dia., giving an adjustable shot range of 0.3 to 4.4cc. and 25.0 Dia., giving an adjustable shot range of 0.6 to 10.5cc.

The metering components are made from stainless steel and PTFE, whereas the inlet body and outlet end cap can be supplied in acetal, Al. alloy or stainless steel. Typical applications have included metering perfumes and electrolyte.

Predos 125

Predos 125

The larger ‘125’ is fitted with a 2” BSP inlet, it can be reservoir or bulk fed. It uses a simple, solid metering piston and has been designed for quick dismantling/re-assembly. This is driven by 125 bore drive cylinder, with the shot size set by trips mounted on to a leadscrew adjuster, with digital position readout.

A range of piston diameters are available to suit specific requirements, with the largest at 55 Dia. giving an output range/cycle of 25cc to 225cc.
Normal construction materials are Al.Alloy and stainless steel.
Typical applications are filling cartridges or containers with viscous resins.

Metra 50

The METRA 50 range

The small and lightweight the METRA 50 was designed for metering directly from a 2” drum connection, such as a 40Gal. or 205L. drum. Alternatively it can be mounted on feet and fitted with gravity feed reservoir. Two designs of metering pump are used with the 50. A pull through solid piston for medium to high viscosities, which dependant on diameter, provides adjustable shot size ranges/cycle from 1.0 to 10.0cc, 4.0 to 39cc and 10cc to 100cc. Whereas for low viscosities a ‘Captive ‘ design pump is fitted, giving an output ranges of 3.0 to 39cc, 5.0 to 67.0cc and 8.0 to 100.0cc

Normal construction materials are Al. alloy and stainless steel and typical applications include metering oils, surfactants, resins, hardeners, isocyanates.

Metra 80 Metra 80

The METRA 80

The larger METRA 80 floor mounted, but again is fitted with a 2” inlet connection for connection to bulk feed or reservoir supply. Using the ‘Captive’ design metering pump it can volumetrically meter up to 1.0L/cycle. Constructed from Al. alloy and stainless steel, it is typically used for metering Isocyanates and solvent based resins.

The DMP 20 & DMP 200

The DMP 20 & DMP 200

These are designed to meter directly from an open top 20/25L. or 205L. supply drum. The metering pump and drive cylinder being mounted in to the centre of a follower plate which is sized to suit the drum diameter and fitted with a wiper seal. This assembly then being mounted on to twin post pneumatic lift/ram, so as the follower can be lifted above a drum for loading and then powered down on top of the material to assist metering pump priming. Also if required, the metering pump and follower plate can be heated.

Dependant on pump size fitted, the DMP 20 can meter up to 165cc/cycle, whereas as the larger 205L. size (DMP 200) can dispense up to 310 cc./cycle.

Wetted construction materials being Al. alloy, stainless steel or acetal


In addition to our range of standard metering pumps, we can supply tip seal, suck back and diaphragm type dispensing valves.

Packing dual, side by side cartridges Packing dual, side by side cartridges Packing dual, side by side cartridges

Packing dual, side by side cartridges

For the efficient packing dual side by side cartridges is without equal. The key is simplicity in filling the cartridge directly from the metering pump. This eliminates the need for hoses and secondary cut off valves at the injection head. All of these need maintenance and have to be cleaned down when changing materials. Moreover in creating shear action during its reload cycle the pump can handle thixotropic/viscous products using gravity feed from a reservoir.