Metering & Dosing Equipment

There is a need for precise, accurate metering irrespective of viscosity or backpressure change. To meet this we offer a range of single acting, volumetric displacement pumps developed to precisely meter viscosities from water or solvents, to heavily filled, thixotropic pastes and putties with discrete shots ranging from 0.1cc up to1.0L.

Predos Range

Predos Range 32 & 50

The 32 & 50 series uses our captive ‘C’ type design for low to medium viscosities giving proven metering accuracy over countless millions of cycles. The 32 series is fitted with a micrometer controlled dead stop for setting the shot and can dispense up to 10cc’s/cycle. Whereas the 50 series uses a simple through rod dead stop for setting shot sizes up to 100cc’s maximum, both giving high repeatability to within 1%.

Predos Range 125

The larger 125 series uses either captive or the quick knock down solid piston design with a 2” BSP inlet for high viscosities and can dispense up to 250cc’s.

Metra Range

Metra 50

The Metra 50 was design to meter directly from a 205L or 45Gal. drum. Lightweight, compact and easy to use, the Metra screws directly into the standard 2” BSP drum outlet t. Thus eliminates the need for dip or connection tubes and other fittings, greatly reducing the waste and mess in changing over drums.

The Metra 50 uses both type of metering pump designs. The captive for low viscosities such as solvents, hardeners or isocyanates and the solid pistons for high viscosities and give a minimum 1 cc and a maximum 100cc shot size range with a repeatability of +/- 1%.

Metra 80

The larger Metra 80 is floor mounted with a 2” inlet connection to couple to a 205L drum or 2.5” for an IBC. It uses the captive ‘C’ type design giving up to a maximum of 1.0L shot.

DMP Range

DMP Range

The DMP range is designed to pump and meter high viscosity or thixotropic materials that cannot be poured from the supplied open top container. Such as a nominal 5 or 20/25L size pail or 205L -40Gal. Drum.

The metering pump sits in the centre of a follower plate/wiper sized to suit the pail diameter and is mounted onto a twin post pneumatic lift/ram. This lifts the follower plate above the pail for loading then drives it back down on top of the material.

As standard the DMP uses a captive type metering pump with a range of sizes giving up to a maximum of 250ml/cycle. However, we also can a solid type piston, or for handling abrasive fillers a tungsten carbide plunger type.