Mixing Heads & Guns


To meet the need to mixing properly we offer disposable static and rotary static or dynamic/shear type. Where possible we mount the mixer directly onto the metering pumps as this eliminates hysteresis problems. However this is not always possible, therefore we offer.

Disposable static mixing

Basic range (Calibre) of hand held; trigger controlled twin tipseal mixing guns. Where the two needles are actuated with a common air cylinder. The mixer is retained on an outlet block with a range of porting options by a nut.

Alternately, we offer a static gun with individually actuated tip seal needles interlocked with the metering pumps. These are pushed into the manifold block thus can be easily removed for ratio checking, component changing or can be plugged back into the tank for recirculation.

We also offer a Solvent/Air flush version of these guns

Rotary static mixing

The Rotastat uses the same needle block as the Calibre gun with a disposable static mixer but with loose fitting elements rotated by a small high speed air motor to give a degree of shear action.

Dynamic/Shear mixing

For this we offer air powered, hand held guns or electrically driven heads.

With the rotor shaft which runs through a duplex ball bearing assembly and T/carbide mechanical seal fitted into a manifold block. Underneath this is a secondary injection valve block, fitted with individually actuated tip seal valves with the components ported up into the manifold block above.

The mixing chamber/rotor and end cap then fits to the front of the manifold block.

To keep the weight down for hand holding, the gun is made from Al. alloy and is air motor driven and we offer two drive sizes, 0.36 or 0.64kW

For flushing the mixing chamber there is the option of manually actuated or automatic programmed solvent/air flush and the mixing chamber can be fitted with an air assist spray cap.

With a mixing head weight or size is not an issue. Therefore we can use an electric motor drive and stainless steel. The layout of the push in injection valve is redesigned to fit for two or three components on the side of the manifold block and shut off in the mixing chamber area, allowing the solvent/air flush to clean both needle tips

If continuous recirculation is required the tip seal injection valves can two stage.

Also we can fit larger motors and mixing chambers, the largest being a 22kW motor giving 300L/ Min output.