Polyurethane processing

Polyurethane casting

For processing P.U. elastomers, whether they are open poured, injected, sprayed or coated, we offer a range of low pressure gear pump machines. This range is modular and certain components and design philosophies used are standard as follows.

Metering pumps

For viscosities above 150mPas the standard pump is an external gear type, M.S. construction rated to 60Bar, fitted with replaceable wear plates and lip seal, with the options of hardened version with stuffing gland seal or sealed magnetic drive. Below 150mPas and for low outputs we use ‘Precision’ type external gear pumps, St. steel wetted construction and rate from 40 to 100 Bar.

Pump drives

The standard drive being a variable speed, inverter controlled geared motor, which is limited to a 4.5-5.0:1 speed range, for wider speed ranges servo drives are used. Each pump is individually driven with the inverter controls interlocked together, providing mix ratio adjustment and variable output at the pre-set ratio. Alternatively a single drive motor is used with the pumps linked together with a timing belt/toothed pulley assembly for setting the final mix ratio. With both arrangements the standard method is to direct drive the pump via flexible couplings. However where high frequency Starts/Stops are required an electro magnetic clutch is fitted between drive motor and pump. With individually driven pumps, we can offer closed loop secondary flow monitoring using either Gear or Mass flow meters.

Mixing guns

For disposable static mixing we offer 3 types of twin tip seal disposable static guns, with the option of Solvent/Air flushing. Where some degree of shear is required we offer the Rotastat gun, this being a universal design accepting either type/bell end size of rotary static disposable mixer. For products requiring shear mixing we offer a pneumatically powered dynamic guns fitted with individually actuated ‘Plug In’ Tip seal needle valves, the choice of manual or automatic flush and Pour, Pour/Air assist spray and air assist spray.

Mixing heads

Mixing heads

Together with 2 sizes of pneumatic drive, we offer electrically driven mixing heads with motor sizes ranging from 0.37kW up to 15kW. covering for outputs of a few grams up to 200L/Min. All use individually actuated, detachable tip seal needle valves which are plugged into a manifold block with the tips washed by cleaning solvent. Depending on head type, up to 5 separate needle valves can be accommodated or 2 stage needle valve designs for balanced pressure recirculation can be fitted.

Reservoirs and material preparation

The range starts with standard vacuum quality small 5L. capacity tank. Larger reservoirs are purpose designed using standard dished end sizes and fittings to suit the specific application requirements with sizes ranging from 5L. up to 1,000L. capacity. For preparation we offer vacuum and overpressure facilities with electric and liquid heating and a range of standard vacuum/pressure leadthrough assemblies for stirring.

Machine range comprising



Bench mounted using a single motor/timing belt assembly to drive the metering pumps. Output ranges from 10cc’s to 1500cc’s/Min. at 1:1 ratio and a mix ratio range of 1:1 to 10:1 Reservoir sizes range from 5 to 25L and for mixing there is the option of static, rotary static or dynamic hand gun. If required the reservoirs, pumps and hoses can be electrically heated.

Master rim


Bench mounted, using interlocked invertor controlled motors for each metering pump with mixing ratio set via key pads. Output ranges from 15cc’s up to 4L.minute at 1:1 ratio. Reservoir sizes range from 5 to 25L (to 15L. for vacuum) and the machine can be bulk or remote. For mixing there is the choice of static, rotary static or dynamic gun.

MiniCaster Adhesive image 12


Floor standing, using a single motor and timing belt to drive the two metering pumps, with the choice of direct or an electro magnetic clutch drive. Output ranges from say 0.5 to 30L./Minute and mix ratio’s of 1:1 to 100:1. Reservoirs sizes can range from 5 to 150L and for mixing there is a choice of static or dynamic guns and machine mounted mixing heads.

Master rim


Modular in design, the MasterCaster range, using 2 basic machine layouts is very flexible in meeting specific application requirements. The small M11 type can accept reservoirs (up to 35L.capacity or 25L. if liquid heated ) which are mounted directly onto the metering pump. Where larger, say up to 1000L. capacity reservoirs are required these are connected with an interhose. The metering pumps are direct driven using invertor or servo controlled motors, with option of electro mechanical clutches on the invertor drives for high cycle rates. Being individually driven, a number of pumps can be fitted to the machine, also closed loop control using secondary ‘Precision Gear’ or ‘Mass Flow’ flow monitoring can be fitted. In addition to the standard and ‘Precision’ type pumps or rotary/lobe type pumps can be fitted for large particle fillers such as micro-balloons, providing outputs up to 200L.+/Min. and mixing ratio’s of 1:1 to 100:1. For mixing there is a comprehensive range of static, rotary static and dynamic guns and heads.

Master rim

Shows a larger mixing head(150 -200L) and fitted with recirculation for running closed loop mass flow control for glass & polmer syntactic PU Off shore pipe work insulation

Master rim Master rim Master rim

Shows a MasterCaster used for making soft edge furniture mouldings, using 3 pigmented Polyols with a common Iso., mixed through a standard 2 component dynamic head. Each Polyol has its’ own line and ‘plug in’ injection valve. In operation the required Polyol is plugged into the head. The machine then automatically sets the required mix ratio before pouring. This technique allows high efficiency of production and repeatability of finished colour

Master rim

MasterCaster used to cast variable shore hardness sheets with a oil heated, vacuum prepared two component, MDI Pre-Polymer system at up to 10L./Min. The two components have secondary flow monitoring with closed loop drive control, with a balanced pressure recirculation loop.