Resin Injection Moulding (RIM) for Prototype Components

We offer a comprehensive range metering and mixing equipment, from simple, small shot pre-set ratio piston pump to high output continuous delivery low pressure gear pump machines. The range has been developed in close, direct co-operation with both material suppliers and customers to ensure a perfect match between equipment and applications.

The standard machine and mixing gun range comprises



Simple, low cost and bench mounted it uses a pair of pneumatically powered single acting piston pumps, sized to give the required volumetric mix ratio. The metering pumps are fed directly from 5L. or 10L capacity reservoirs and can dispense up to 80gms./cycle at up to 10 cycles/minute. As standard the 2MIX GM is fitted with a direct mount disposable mixer with the option of hand held, trigger controlled ‘Calibre’ static, or ‘Rotastat’ rotary static mixing gun. Thus the 2MIX GM is ideal where the customer is making small shots and is unlikely to change material systems frequently.



Small, simple and bench mounted it uses continuous delivery low pressure gear pumps driven by a variable speed inverter controlled motor with timing belt and toothed pulleys for setting mixing ratio. With a typical PU RIM system the MiniRim will dispense up to 1.5Kg/Min.

As standard the MiniRim is fitted with easy to clean 5L. capacity reservoirs and a 32 series Calibre static mixing gun. Standard options include precision type metering pumps for low viscosity products (> 150mPas), Rotastat (rotary static mixer) or fully dynamic mixing gun with solvent flushing.
The continuous delivery and higher output gives the MiniRim a 1Kg + shot weight moulding capability and ratio changing is a simple exercise.

Master rim


Compact, bench mounted programmable ratio gear pump machine using individual variable speed inverter controlled motors to drive each metering pump. Mixing ratio is set and the combined output adjusted by a HMI. Moreover, the drive motors can also be run separately to enable quick change over of materials with minimum wastage. With a typical PU RIM system the MasterRim will dispense up to 3.5Kg /minute. As standard the MasterRim is fitted with easy clean 5L. capacity reservoirs, and a 32 series Calibre static mixing gun. Standard options include larger reservoirs, precision metering pumps for low viscosity products (> 150mPas), Rotastat or dynamic mixing gun with solvent flushing.

Continuous delivery and an up to 3Kg + shot weight moulding capability, coupled with an ability to easily change material systems with the minimum of down time and wastage makes the MasterRim the ideal small production machine.

MasterCaster MII

MasterCaster MII MasterCaster MII

M11 uses the same pump and individual variable speed drive/ programmable ratio control layout as the MasterRim, but in a larger, floor mounted package. Thus if required, larger pumps and drives can be fitted to enable shot weights of up to 25Kg.+ The modular design allows a third component to be fitted, together with a wide range options to meet specific requirements and up to 35L. capacity direct mount reservoirs with stirring and vacuum.
With modular, flexible design and comprehensive range of options the M11 offers the end user a proven machine to reliably meet the most arduous duties. As such it is unequalled in the market place.

Standard mixing guns and heads

Calibre gun range

For use with disposable static mixers. Hand held, trigger controlled twin tip seal action with 4 different outlet porting configurations. 2 sizes are offered, 32 series allowing up to 4Kg/Min and 40 series up to 8Kg/Min/ output.


For use disposable rotary or standard static mixers. Fitted with unique tuning fork drive with energised seal it accepts either manufacturer’s bell end size mixer. The components are fed through interlocked twin tip seal valves to ensure synchronised opening and closing with the ‘straight thro’ porting enhances both mix quality and reliability. Maximum throughput being up to 5Kg/Min.

DMG 037 & 064 dynamic mixing guns

Lightweight, hand held and pneumatically driven. Individually actuated tip seal injection valves with quick release, push in fitting into the manifold block enables simple ratio calibration, recirculation and material changes. Mixing chamber and rotor being solvent/air flushed with choice of manual or programmable control.

Typically the DMG 037 will mix up to 6-7Kg/Min. and the larger 064 version 12-14Kg/Min. output

For higher output requirements we offer a range of electrically driven dynamic mixing heads with plug in injection valves used for processing Polyurethane’s at up to 30-40L/minute.

In addition to our range of machines to process rapid prototyping polyurethane’s we also offer a range of machines for silicone mould manufacture.

We offer the choice of machines for direct transfer, where the base rubber is metered directly from the suppliers drum. Or, secondary degassing where the base rubber is de-gassed in a machine mounted vacuum reservoir prior to metering.

Even though degassed, the supplied rubber can still contain very small air bubbles. If the mould is subsequently vacuumed after pouring they will probably be pulled out and never noticed. Therefore it is quite possible to meter the base rubber directly from the supplied drum without any problems.

However, to ensure there is no air in the material it is safer to de-gass the rubber in the machine before processing.

For direct transfer our range comprises


MasterCaster MII

Designed for 20/25L open top pails, the 2MIX DCF uses volumetric piston pumps, which are sized for mix ratio (up to 20:1) The base rubber pump is mounted in the centre of a follower plate and the pump/drive assembly is mounted on a twin post lift/ram. It can be fitted with either a static or dynamic mixer and typically dispense up to 0.7Kg/minute.

MasterCaster 200

MasterCaster MII

Designed for 205L. open top drums, it uses programmable ratio gear pumps for metering and with continuous, pulsation free delivery provides better mixing than piston pumps. The base metering pump mounted directly on to the follower plate with the catalyst held in a remote 25L. reservoir feeding directly to the metering pump. Both metering pumps are driven by variable speed, invertor controlled motors, with keypads for programming ratio between 100:5 to 100:20 and a separate control for pouring rates up to 1.5Kg/minute

Machine range for secondary degassing comprises

2MIX GMC and iota C

MasterCaster MII MasterCaster MII

This uses volumetric displacement piston pumps, sized to give mixing ratios’ of up to 50:1 and outputs of up to 1Kg/Min.

It can be fitted with base de-gassing reservoirs up to 100L. usable capacity, with thin filming option and static or dynamic mixing.


MasterCaster MII MasterCaster MII

Programmable mix ratio low pressure gear pump metering and with the continuous, pulsation free delivery from the gear pumps provides better quality mixing than a piston pump. It also provides mixing ratios up to 100 : 1 and output rates of up to 1Kg/+ minute. Base de-gassing reservoirs up to 100L. usable capacity can be fitted with the option for thin filming and there is a choice of static or dynamic mixing.